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Our Expertise

We specialize in personal and business income tax returns. We can help you with forclose properties, self employment issues, rental units, depreciation, capital gains/losses, bookkeeping and tax planning!
Personal Income Tax

We are here to help our clients! If you need to file a short or long form we are here to help and guide you through the process and let you know what is best for you! There are times when tax payers don't have enough deductions but if they are high earners they should be able to deduct their state taxes and local income taxes up to $10,000.00 for 2018 and that might allow them to utilize the long form in conjunction with other allowable deductions available to them!

Come in or call us and set up an appointment with us!!! 

Hablamos Español

Estamos aqui para servir a nuestra comunidad Hispana! Nuestros servicios al cliente son personalizados, garantizados y firmados por cualquier problema que Ud tenga. Nuestros precios son muy competitivos y tratamos de atenderlo con puntualidad y honradez.

Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo!!!

Llamenos ya al: 510-685-8881

Small Business Income Tax

Tax planning for small business owners is the key to success! Come and talk to us for a free consultation and discuss your options! Is there something you have thought about on implementing and you are not sure? Come and talk with us. Think about the following items:

1) Setting up a retirement account

2) Learning more about the tax changes for leverage

3) Employees benefit plans

Don't procrastinate and lift up the phone! We are just a phone call away!

Residential Rentals

Bookkeeping Services

The degree of success in your business has to do a lot with the way you keep your records because it works to your advantage! Keeping great records for years to come should be one of your main goals since record keeping is the best way to avoid unnecessary problems with clients, your business and the IRS. Your bookkeeper should keep you abreast with all the necessary forms and current tax laws and educate you to avoid mishaps in the future!



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